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Thailand Weather, Culture And Etiquettes

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Know about the weather, etiquettes and culture of Thailand, before going on your holidays to Thailand. This can help you deal with the various problems at the first hand only. Also, book your travel at for a comfortable travel.

Thailand Weather, Culture And Etiquettes

in Thailand are always a delight for the holiday makers, especially honeymooners. However, there are many things that need to be ascertained before visiting this place, apart from the package, accommodation and transfers. Those requisite things are know-how of the weather of Thailand, its culture and etiquettes. It is very important for the travelers to be familiar of the weather, culture and etiquettes of Thailand. This can make your holidays, marvelous.

Weather Of Thailand

Thailand has a very tropical climate and distinct monsoons. This means whichever time you choose to come for holidays in Thailand, the weather is going to be humid as well as warm, might be wet as well. There are primarily three main seasons. It is cool between the months of November till February, hot between the months of March till May and lastly rainy between June till October. The weather conditions be it heat, rainfall or humidity, all depends on the time that you choose to travel for holidays in Thailand.

The North

Chiang Mai as well as Thailand’s northern regions witness cool and mild weather round the year. Cooler seasons enjoy average high of low 80 Fahrenheit that can further dip till 60 and in the mountains, it can further go down. This is indeed one region of Thailand that remains cool and you probably need a sweater. As far as weather of Thailand is concerned then in the hot season, temperature shoots up to mid-90s which can be even higher in the day time. As far as rainy season is concerned, there is not much rain. However, the monsoon storms may be dramatic and very intense in the months of September.

Bangkok-Central Thailand

The three seasons in Bangkok have one thing which is common i.e. heat. It would be a surprise for many that the coldest temperature witnessed by Bangkok ever was 50 degrees that too in 1951. Hot season witness 80 or 90 F which sometimes also goes up to 90 F. if you are planning holidays in Thailand and choose to come to Bangkok in the hot season, do keep the weather of Thailand in mind. This is due to the fact that heat can affect your health and you would not be able to walk or enjoy much outside. For package holidays in Thailand, rainy season is the best.

The South

The weather of Thailand in south is little different as the temperature difference between the hottest as well as the coldest seasons of Thailand can be about 10 degrees. Rainy season also depends on the side where you come for holidays. In the west peninsular side i.e. Phuket or Andaman coast, the rainy season begins in April. However in the ease where there is Koh Samui, rain takes place in October or January.

Culture Of Thailand

Thailand culture comprises of cultural beliefs as well as characteristics indigenous to different regions called as modern day Thailand. However the culture of Thailand is primarily influenced by many foreign cultures such as ancient India, Cambodia, pre-historic Southeast Asia, China, and many more. It draws its inspiration basically from Animism, Buddhism, Hinduism and migrations from China.

The culture of Thai is also renowned for its food. The sumptuous food of Thailand combines prime four ingredients that are sweet, spicy, sour, and salty. Most of the delectable cuisines of Thailand include all these ingredients.

As far as language is concerned, the Thai language consists of 44 consonants, five tones as well as 32 vowels. The script of Thailand has an Indian origin. Thai language belongs to the popular Tai family and there are many other dialects as well. Other languages that are spoken in Thailand include Chinese, English, Lao, Mon-Khmer, and Malay.

Parents are considered as next to God in Thailand. Children are taught to respect them and elders as per the cultural values. Family makes the cornerstone of Thailand culture.

Etiquettes of Thailand

Some of the distinctive etiquettes of Thailand include wai, i.e. a gesture of saying hello or Indian namastey. Giving someone farewell, acknowledgement, or praying, etc. are implied by this gesture. Physical display of affection basically in public is not a big issue and is quite common among friends. You can spot friends walking hands in hands together.

Touching somebody on head is often taken a rude gesture as Thai people consider foot as the dirtiest part and head as the most regarded one. This can also be seen in the way the Thai people sit on floor with feet pointing away and tucked behind them. Touching something or pointing with feet is also taken as rude. This forms a crucial part of etiquettes of Thailand.

Another important Thailand etiquette is to remove one’s shoes before entering a sacred place or any other place such as home too. Also, when you are called on a Thai’s home, gifts are always appreciated. However, pack them properly and attractively with ribbons and bows. When you enter a Thai’s home, just check if the person is with shoes or without, if the person is not wearing his, then it is better that you remove yours.

It is important to be familiar with the weather, culture and etiquettes of Thailand for a wonderful and gratifying holiday. Make sure that you are well-versed with them and then you can surely take pleasure of your holidays in Thailand.


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